Council is required, under the Dog & Cat Management Act 1995, to administer & enforce the provisions relating to dogs within its area. Council's Animal Management Plan 2017-2022 can be viewed by clicking on the following file link: Animal Management Plan 2017 - 2022(230 kb)  

The Plan outlines the Council's Strategies to promote responsible pet ownership within the District whilst ensuring the needs of animals and their owners are accommodated and recognising the differing needs of non pet owners.


Dogs and Cats Online is the new central database for dogs and cats. New registrations, microchipping and desexing updates can all be done on the new website. 

Breeder registration, transfer of ownership, updating pet, contact details and all payments are also available here.

For those who would prefer to pay renewals or register in person, the service is still available at the Council Customer Service Centre.

A dog registration application form may be downloaded here(135 kb)e.

For working dogs, a signed declaration must also acconpany the application. Download declaration here(49 kb).

An over view of new laws in effect – Changes to Dog and Cat laws from 1 July 2018 -

Microchipping –New laws require all dogs and cats to be microchipped -

Desexing – All dogs and cats born after 1 July 2018 must be desexed -

Breeders – People who breed dogs and cats for sale must register with the Dog and Cat Management Board as a breeder.  Dogs and cats born after 1 July 2018 that are entire, are considered to be a breeder -

Prescribed fees –

Standard Dog microchipped AND desexed $25.00
Non Standard Dog - entire or NOT microchipped $50,00
Working Livestock Dog - MUST be microchiped $12.50
Transfer of Registration Free
Replacement disc $12.50
Late registration payment fee $10.00
Impound Fee for dog or cat $45.00
Daily holding at pound for dog or cat $15.00
Business registration - refer to Sec 35 1-3 dogs $100.00
Business registration - 4 + dogs $150.00
Assistance dogs - certified Free
Concessions available - 50% of fee  
Breeders registration $75.00


Expiation fees have increased significantly.  The new fees have been approved in The Dog and Cat Management Act -  Dog and Cat Management (Miscellaneous) Amendment Bill 2016

Helpful links

Helpful tips and information sheets for responsible ownership and happy pets can be found following the links below:


Cats -

Further Information

For further information about keeping dogs and cats, you can visit the Dog & Cat Management Board's web site at

If your dog has been lost, contact Council as the dog catcher may have found your dog, impounded it, and be waiting for its owner to collect. In such an event the owner is required to pay an impound fee and if the the dog is unregistered a registration fee and registration will apply.