The town of Sheringa was surveyed in 1882. Its name was derived from Tjeiringa which is an Aboriginal name for a yam like root which grew in the area.

The historic round washing pool located off the Sheringa Beach Road was built in the 1840's for the use of several surrounding sheep runs to clean the sheep prior to shearing.

"Nowhere Else", a former pastoral property in the area, has attracted much attention due to its unusual name. As you travel north of Sheringa on the Flinders Highway you may spot the local road sign pointing inland. A copy of this sign is available for sale as a memento from the Elliston Community & Visitor Information Centre.


Camping is available at both Sheringa Beach and Round Lake. Permits are $10 per vehicle per night and are available on site, at the Sheringa Roadhouse, Elliston Community & Visitor Information Centre and the Council customer service counter.


Sheringa Beach view


  • Accommodation
  • Caravan park
  • Fishing supplies
  • Public toilet
  • Fuel outlet
  • Cafe/takeaway
  • General store
  • Bottleshop


Sheringa Decking Project 2013