Elliston has a fully serviced Hospital located at 1 Memorial Drive, Elliston. At the Hospital there is a resident Doctor and Aged Care Facilities with regular visitations from The Alcohol & Drug Council, Athsma Advisor, Podiatrist, Dietician, Occupational Therapist, Speech Pathologist, Social Worker, Diabetes Consultant, CAFHS, Dentistand a Mental Health Consultant.

  • Phone Number - 8687 9001
  • Fax Number - 8687 184
  • Doctor Surgery Phone Number - 8687 9110
  • Doctor Surgery Fax Number - 8687 9190
  • Pines (Aged Care Residence) Phone Number - 8687 9060

Lock has a Medical Centre located at 34-36 Dearman Street, Lock. At the Medical Centre they have visitations from a Doctor, Bone Aligner, Family Vision Service, Physiotherapist, Dentist, Mental Health Consultant, Child & Youth Health, Dietician, Podiatrist, Social Worker, Diabetes Consultant and CAFHS.

  • Phone Number - 8689 1006
  • Fax Number - 8689 1111

The Doctor also makes visits to Port Kenny and Venus Bay. For appointments you need to ring the Doctor Surgery phone number.