• SA Ambulance - Volunteer Program

    15th January 2020
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    SA Ambulance Elliston Team Volunteers Needed
  • Celebrating Christmas Competition

    16th December 2019
    16th December 2019. Let's celebrate Christmas in the District Council of Elliston. Council and the Elliston Community and Visitor Information Centre are holding a "Celebrating Christmas" competition from 1-19 December 2019. Your display can be
  • URGENT NOTICE - Talia Caves Temporary Closure

    1st December 2019
    1st December 2019. URGENT NOTICE - Talia Caves - Temporary Closure. The cliff structure at Talia Caves is unstable and some boulders have fallen and damaged the steps. Council has placed signage and is working to make the area safe. Please note
  • Amnesty on Car Bodies

    1st December 2019
    1st December 2019. Amnesty on Car Bodies. Council is offering residents of the Elliston District the opportunity, for a limited time, to deposit car bodies (with LPG gas tanks removed) free of charge at Council Transfer Stations. The amnesty period
  • Australia Day 2020

    14th October 2019
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    Australia Day 2019Nominations for Citizen of the Year Young Citizen of the Year and Community Event of the Year 2019 are now open
  • Energy On Eyre

    23rd May 2019
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    RDAWEP would like to record the impact of power outages on homes and businesses see below for more information
  • Community Solar Scheme

    23rd May 2019
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    The EPLGA and RDAWEP Community Solar Scheme bulk buy for rooftop solar
  • Mayor's Message

    4th January 2019
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    Mayor Malcolm Hancock composes an article on the District Council which appears in the West Coast Sentinel each month Select Community Information from the tabs above and Mayor s Message to view
  • TiCSA Tourism Snapshot

    20th November 2018
    • Community News
    SATIC monthly Snapshot providing the latest South Australian tourism news
  • Fire Prevention Information

    4th September 2018
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    Spring is here and the fire season is fast approaching It s time to get all fire hazards cleaned up