The DAIP has been developed with the support of the community, and includes outcomes to support people with physical, mental and intellectual disabilities.

It will assist Council to develop strategies around education, policy, research, programming and infrastructure over the coming years to assist removing barriers for people with a disability - and their carers - and ensure everyone can have access to the same activities and services as everyone else.

Council is committed to ensuring people with a disability are included in all aspects of local life.

Proposed outcomes and goal areas for Council include:

  • people with disabilities will have equitable access to buildings, facilities, services and events;
  • people with disabilities will have equitable access to information and communication opportunities;
  • eliminate discrimination against people with disability;
  • ensure the legal equality of people with disability;
  • promote the recognition and acceptance within the community that people with disability have the same rights as the rest of the community;
  • ensure Council’s employment practices will be inclusive.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact Lucy Patton lpatton@elliston.sa.gov.au or Jill Leonard jleonard@elliston.sa.gov.au or call the Council office on 8687 9177.