The District Council of Elliston's Development Plan(7000 kb)))is the key "on-the-ground" development control document which contains the rules that determine what can be done on any piece of land within the District.

It contains detailed criteria that development applications can be assessed against.

The Development Plan outlines what sort of land use is and is not envisaged for particular zones within each Plan area. These Plan areas include: residential, commercial, industrial and rural.

The Plan also outlines the various objectives, principles and policies that further control and affect the design and other aspects of proposed developments.

All developments (e.g. new residential dwellings, extensions to existing dwellings, carports, sheds, pools or spas, or slow combustion heaters) require you to submit a Development Plan.

For further information on planning and development you can visit the Development Applications page on this website, or contact the Elliston Council Office.


Superseded Development Plans

Development Plan - Consolidated 17 Feb 2013(2213 kb)