From 31 July 2020 an online development application must be lodged every time you wish to undertake development. Go to, create a logon on and enter information as requested.

When Is A Development Application Required?

Development refers to a wide range of activities associated with building work, changes in land use, land or strata divisions, excavation or fill, advertising signs or displays and retaining walls greater than 1 metre in height.

The development can be a simple domestic structure or a complex major commercial project, but an application is necessary in either case. As a general rule, any structure that is within the prescribed setback distances, or more than 15 square metres in area, or over 2.5 metres in height, or has a span greater than 3 metres, or adjoins an existing building, requires an application.

Some forms of minor activity and structures are actually exempt from this definition of development and consequently do not require approval. These, however, are the exception rather than the rule and the situation can change depending upon geographic location or the actual nature of the work being undertaken.

The new ePlanning System allows you to access an approval wizard at by answering a few questions the wizard can determine:

  • if you need approval
  • How to apply for approval
  • Who to contact for more information

If you require further confirmation or information please contact the Council before undertaking any form of development/building work.

What is Development Approval?

A Development Approval is a legal document that will allow you to undertake development on your land. The Development Approval will specify the design, documents or Australian Standards that the development must follow.

Development Applications can occur in a number of stages prior to you obtaining Development Approval and can consist of one or various types of consent. The 3 major forms of Consent are;

  • Planning Consent
  • Building Consent
  • Land Divisions Consent

The Development Approval cannot be granted by the assessing authority until each of the different types of Consent that may be required have been obtained. If you are unable to meet Approval timeframe, then please feel free to write to Council's Planning Consultant at the Council office for an extension of time.

Planning Consent

Planning Consent Applications are assessed under the Legislative provisions. dealing with the design, site location or impact on neighbouring properties. The Assessment process will vary depending on whether the proposed development is "Accepted Development", "Deemed to Satisfy Development" or "Performance Assessed Development" and whether it may require public notification.

Building Rules Consent

Building Rules Consent is applicable to all development where building work is involved unless it falls within the exempt category. All Development Applications are assessed with regard to technical conformity and these requirements must either meet the Building Code of Australia, The South Australian Housing Code, The Australian Standards and all other forms of relevant Legislation.

Development Approval Consent

In some cases Development Approval may consist of a combination of Planning & Building Rules Consent, with both forms of Consent having to meet separate Legislative requirements.

How Long Will Approval Take?

You can access your online Development Application at any time to view the status of the Application.It may be necessary for Council to refer the Application to relevant authorities and you will be able to track the progress of any referrals.

Which  Documents Are Required?

Documentation should be provided in digital format through the online Portal.

  • Certificate of Title
  • Site Plan
  • Structural Plans
  • Engineering Plans

Please ensure that you provide the level of information required at the time of submitting the application. If Council receives inadequate and poor quality plans and drawings, this could delay the application process and the assessment. It is in your best interest to get the application and the accompanying information to an acceptable standard from the very outset! (E.g. please do not present drawings in pencil and please ensure that all plans are to scale).

Please refer below to the Environmental Health Page for information on waste control systems for your new dwelling or for upgrading your current system.