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Public Consultation

Council By-Laws

The Local Government Act 1999 and other Acts provide power for Council to make By-Laws for licensing, regulating and controlling of specific activities within its area.

By-Laws are legally enforceable and impact upon all residents and visitors within the Council area form time to time.

Councils are required to undertake a public consultation process and consider the community's comments before making By-Laws. This process ensures public participation in council decisions that may affect day-to-day activities of the community.

By-Law 1          Permits and Penalties

To create a permit system, fix maximum and continuing penalties in Council By-Laws, and to clarify the construction of such By-Laws.

By-Law 2          Local Government Land

For the management of all land vested in or under the control of Council.

By-Law 3          Roads

For the management of all roads vested in or under the control of Council.

By-Law 4          Moveable Signs

To set standards for movable signs on roads and to provide conditions for, and the placement of, such signs.

By-Law 5          Dogs

For the control of dogs within the area, to limit the number of dogs kept in premises and for the management of dogs in the Council area.

By-Law 6          Caravans and Camping

To regulate, control and prohibit the use of caravans, vehicles and tents as places of habitation, and to regulate camping on Council land.

By-Law 7          Foreshore

For the management of local government land comprising the beach and foreshore under the control of the council.

The draft By-Laws will be available for public inspection free of charge during normal office hours at the office of the District Council of Elliston, 21 Beach Terrace, Elliston SA 5670 or are available by following the above link to the corresponding By-Law.

Written submissions regarding the draft By-Laws will be accepted by the District Council of Elliston until 5.00pm Friday 4th September 2015.

All written submissions should be addressed to:

Chief Executive Officer, Phil Cameron

District Council of Elliston

PO Box 46

Elliston SA 5670


or to


District Council of Elliston
Beach Tce. Elliston S.A. 5670
tel : (08) 8687 9177
fax : (08) 8687 9176
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