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Council Development Assessment Panel

What is the Council Development Assessment Panel?

Due to Legislative changes that occurred in 2008, the State Government has instructed Councils to have a Council Development Assessment Panel (CDAP) in operation for the purpose of assessing and approving development applications.

CDAP was introduced so that each development application may be assessed on its own merits and against the Principles and Objectives of the Council's Development Plan, the Development Act and Regulations, rather than having a Local Government influence.

CDAP has the powers and functions under the Development Act, as delegated by the District Council of Elliston. CDAP is an independent panel of Council, however, must function in accordance to Section 56A of the Development Act and meet the requirements of all By-Laws, Council Policies and Protocols.

Each decision made by the CDAP is final and is not able to be amended by Council, unless they do so by utilising the judicial system of the Environmental, Resources Development Court. This is also applicable to any third party appeals relating to a development proposal.


The Elliston CDAP members are as followings:-

  • Mr Robert Pearce - Presiding Member
  • Mr Kingsley Holman - Member
  • Mr Ian Penna - Member
  • Mr Patrick Clark - Member
  • Mr Fred Benes - Member


The CDAP Meetings are open to the general public with the exception of the requirements under the Development Act and when the CDAP is deliberating upon a development proposal. Decision made by the CDAP on all development proposals are delivered in public. The CDAP Agendas, Minutes and Officers Reports will be available for the general public on to peruse and copies may be obtained for a minimum fee from the Council Office or downloaded from this website.

CDAP meet on the first Monday of every month at 10am providing that there are applications to be assessed and require a decision of the Panel, The location of the application will deem the locality of the meeting, which will either be held at the Elliston Council Chambers or in the township of Lock and Port Kenny.

The following documents guide and direct the operation of the Elliston Council Development Assessment Panel:

Code of Conduct for CDAP Members(227 kb)

CDAP - Terms of Reference(181 kb)

Development Plan - Consolidated 17 Feb 2013(2213 kb)

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