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General and Coastal Development Plan Amendment

The proposed DPA can be viewed in two parts by clicking on the following links:

 What changes are proposed

The DPA proposes to replace Council’s existing Development Plan with a new, reformatted Development Plan incorporating relevant modules of the South Australian Planning Policy Library (SAPPL).

In addition to the SAPPL conversion, the District Council of Elliston agreed to adopt the new regional coastal policies arising from the Eyre Peninsula Coastal Development Strategy.

Specifically the policy approach:

  • divides the existing Coastal Zone and Conservation Zone into the Coastal Conservation Zone and  Coastal Open Space Zone to better reflect and protect coastal sensitive features;
  • realigns the coastal zone boundaries along District Council of Elliston coastline to better recognise coastal sensitive features and hazard risk areas;
  • adopts SAPPL policies for Coastal Conservation Zone including policy which lists farming as a non-complying form of development.

A number of local additions are incorporated into the SAPPL, which include:

  • inclusion of exceptions in the non-complying list for Dwellings in the Coastal Conservation Zone to ensure the alterations to existing dwellings, the replacement of dwellings and the development of dwellings within Exclusion Areas designated in a Heritage Agreement approved before 1 January 2008 under the Native Vegetation Act 1991 are on merit forms of development;
  • the introduction of a policy area affecting properties adjacent to Cliff top Drive, north west of Elliston to maintain development rights to construct one detached dwelling on vacant allotments;
  • the introduction of a precinct within the Coastal Conservation Zone to recognise and accommodate an existing eco-tourism facility west of Venus Bay;
  • retain dwellings as on merit forms of development within the Primary Production Zone and Water Protection Zone;
  • the inclusion of an exception in the non-complying list for Caravan Park in the Water Protection Zone to retain the intent of an existing policy to allow for the development of a caravan park in close proximity of the Sheringa Beach Roadhouse as an on merit form of development; and
  • the introduction of new guidelines for domestic outbuildings within the Residential Zone, Rural Living Zone and Township Zone
    • within the Residential Zone increase the maximum floor area from 70m2 to 120m2
    • within the Rural Living Zone increase the maximum floor area from 70m2 to 150m2 and increase the maximum wall height from 3.6m to 4.5m
    • with the Township Zone increase the maximum floor area from 70m2 to 120m2 and increase the maximum wall height from 3.6m to 3.7m.

What happens following the public consultation period

Following the consultation process, Council prepares a report for the Minister on the matters raised during the consultation. The Minister then considers the matters and makes a decision to either:

  •  approve the DPA as released for consultation; or
  •  approve the DPA with changes; or
  •  not approve the DPA


If the Minister approves the DPA, notice is given in the South Australian Government Gazette and the Development Plan is amended accordingly. All approved DPAs must be reviewed by the State Parliament's Environment, Resources and Development Committee (ERDC). The ERDC may request the Minister to consider changes to a DPA as a result of its review. Notice of any subsequent change is made in the Gazette and the development plan is amended accordingly.

Further information

If you would like further information about the proposed DPA, contact Council on 8687 9177 or by email at dce@elliston.sa.gov.au with subject heading noted as “Information Request – General and Coastal DPA”.

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