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Dog Control and Management


The District Council of Elliston would like to wish all visitors to the district a warm welcome and advise the public of the current accepted Dog Management practices.

The Council recognises the needs of pet owners and of non pet owners, therefore it encourages responsible dog ownership. State Legislation also requires Council to implement and enforce Animal Management Plans and a copy of the plan is available on the Council's website the plan aims to:

  • Promote the effective management of dogs
  • Reduce public and environmental nuisance caused by dogs
  • Encourage dog owner responsibility
  • Promote OFF LEASH areas in the community
  • Reduce the number of dog attacks and harassments on humans livestock and wildlife

During the festive season Animal Management Officers will be conducting regular random patrols of public areas, and responding to reports from the general public if a dog is seen to be wandering at large.

Any unidentified dogs will be impounded, and identified dogs returned to the owner where possible, pursuant to the Dog and Cat Management Act

Council advises that all dogs in public places are required to be on a leash at all times except in areas deemed to be an "off leash area." In those areas, effective control of the dog still needs to be maintained by either physical restraint or by command whereby the dog is in close proximity to the person and the person being able to see the dog at all times.

'Public place' means a place to which the public has access (whether an admission fee is charged or not) and includes streets, roads, footpaths, car parks, ovals, sporting arenas, foreshore and coastal camping areas where dogs must be restrained effectively and all members of the community must have the ability to use the amenities without fear of harassment by uncontrolled dogs.

'Off leash area' means a suitable area designated by Council for dog owners to exercise their dogs safely; off leash activity areas are beneficial to the success of animal management.

The 'Off leash' areas within the District Council of Elliston are the public areas known as:

1.  Waterloo Bay recreational beach (Elliston boat ramp to jetty)

2.   Clifftop Drive, Elliston

3.   Little Bay beach, Elliston 

4.   Sheringa recreational beach area

5.   South Head walking trail, Venus Bay

6.   Western town parklands, Pt Kenny

7.   Council land between North Terrace and Hitchcock Street, Lock

8.   Silo Road, Lock

9.   Milliken's beach (part section up to the reef area)

  Tips for effective control of your Dog:

  • Reduce public and environmental nuisance caused by dogs
  • Ensure your dog displays its registration tag
  • Confine your pets during thunderstorms and fireworks
  • Pick up your dog faeces to reduce the threat of associated disease (contained faeces may be disposed of in RED top bins)
  • Keep your dog on a leash at all times in public places (Off leash areas accepted)
  • Report all dog attacks and harassments, whether on private property or in a public place

Please contact Council's Animal Management Officer on 8687 9177 or the Dog and Cat Management Board on 8124 4975 for further assistance.


Rob Gregor

Chief Executive Officer

District Council of Elliston
Beach Tce. Elliston S.A. 5670
tel : (08) 8687 9177
fax : (08) 8687 9176
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