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Development Plan

Development Plan

The District Council of Elliston's Development Plan is the key 'on-the-ground' development control document which contains the rules that control what can be done on any piece of land within the District, and the detailed criteria against which development applications will be assessed.

The Development Plan outlines what sort of land use is and is not envisaged for particular zones within each Plan area (eg residential, commercial, industrial, rural), and various objectives, principles and policies further controlling and affecting the design and other aspects of proposed developments. These policies can cover a range of social, environmental and economic matters.

Zone provisions provide detailed policy applying to each zone within the Development Plan. They provide a framework for development envisaged within a particular geographic area and provide specific policies for assessing development within that zone. Zone provisions generally list kinds of development that are 'complying' within the zone (either outright or subject to specific conditions) and those developments which are 'non-complying' within that zone. Any form of development which is not included in either list is required to be assessed on its 'merits' by the relevant authority in accordance with the desired character and specific policies for development listed within that zone, and against the broader policies contained within the Development Plan (Council Wide provisions). Zones may also contain lists of activities that are subject to certain public notification requirements.

All developments (e.g. new residential dwelling, extension to an existing dwelling, carport or shed, pool or spa, or slow combustion heater) require you to submit a Development Application.


How is a Development Plan Amended?

Council's can amend and change policies contained within a Development Plan by undertaking a Plan Amendment Report (PAR). A PAR goes through a number of processes including preliminary investigations, consultation with government and non-government agencies as well as public consultation. The Minister for Urban Development and Planning then authorises the PAR as suitable to form an amendment to the Council's Development Plan.

All draft PARs are made available for public comment for a minimum period of two months, during which time anyone may make a written submission about them. At the end of the public consultation period, a public hearing is held by the author of the proposed amendments (Council or the Minister) so that interested people can make verbal submissions.

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