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The District Council of Elliston was formed under the District Council's Act 1887, and comprised of 'the whole of the county of Musgrave and portion of the Council of Robinson, south of a true line east from the northern point of Venus Bay to the east boundary of the said country'.

This represented an area of 585 000 hectares on the western seaboard of the Eyre Peninsula, South Australia. Boundary alterations in 1989 effected the acquistion of an additonal 80 000 hectares from the eastern adjoining Council. Today the Council covers an areas of 665 000 hectares, which includes coastline of approximatley 150 km in length.

The economy of the District is based upon primary production and the fishing and tourism industries. Primary production consists of mainly cereal grains (wheat, barley and oats) and wool production. The extensive coastline is productive fishing ground, which is consequently experiencing patronage in recreational fishing and tourism.

The District has a population of approximately 1132 persons and contains 1262 rateable assessments represented by 880 voters. The main townships within the District are Elliston, Lock, Port Kenny and Venus Bay.

Council fulfils its reponsiblilities through an elected body of eight Councillors under the leadership of the Chairman. Council is the policy making body responsibile for managing the affairs and making decisions of Local Government for the District Council of Elliston.

District Council of Elliston
Beach Tce. Elliston S.A. 5670
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