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The Elliston District Youth Advisory Committee was formed as a result of a Youth Forum that was held in National Youth Week 2002. EDYAC is now a sub committee of the District Council of Elliston under Section 41 of the Local Government Act 1999. EDYAC meets approximately once a month and a chair is elected every meeting.

EDYAC are supported by a Youth Network that consists of members of staff from the Council and from Elliston Area School . The Network meets approximately once a week and handles the administration (among other things) of the Committee.

The EDYAC Network consists of two presidents - Rennae Matthews and Merle Andrew. The Network also has a Finance Officer - Hayden Manhood and an Administration / Promotions Officer - Jen Calderwood. Kylie Underwood, Jan Potter and Craig Haslam are designated as mentors and their help is available when it is required.

YAC - Terms of Reference(31 kb)


EDYAC have identified some priorities of the Youth of our District. 

The first goal they are working towards is a Skate Park in the township of Elliston . It has been an ongoing problem that there is no where for the youth to skate in Elliston, which usually results in them skating on footpaths and roads. EDYAC are planning to carry out many fund raisers to obtain the funds for their Skate Park . EDYAC also hope to access some grant money to help them along the way. The designs have been drafted and EDYAC are planning their fund raising.

The major fund raiser for the Skate Park is a band night that EDYAC are organising. It is to be held at the Elliston Dirt Circuit Course and will incorporate bands from the whole Eyre Peninsula and some Adelaide bands. EDYAC will be holding this Band Night in April and are hoping to raise a fair amount of money for the Skate Park .

EDYAC will post its minutes from meetings on this Website to keep everyone informed.

Elliston Youth Advisory Committee (YAC)

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